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New album released Fri 21st Oct 22

"The Space Between" is officially released across all digital platforms on Friday 21st October and has been getting some great reviews ahead of release! CD's also available at our online store

Music News : "I think that this is the most personal album Paul K has produced and also, in many ways, the most accessible. I enjoyed it from start to finish but, a good dozen listens in, I am still finding hidden depths and elements within it." 5 Stars

Subba Cultcha : "Paul has proved once again that he is the most original artist working in music at the moment and he has added another layer to his work by committing his thoughts directly to the listener."

Aural Aggravation "The Space Between is an album that functions on numerous levels simultaneously, although they’re not all necessarily obvious. But it’s not imperative to follow the narrative to appreciate the detail; the album works in a way that not only creates space, but conveys space, the eternal distance, the vast emptiness… we are all lost and floating. But some are more lost than others. Welcome to The Space Between."

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