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"Phanomen" - New video released on 18.09.20

"Phänomen" will be the first video release from "Anandamide". · The track explores the concept that all products are temporary. Everything in life and in the world is a product created by cause and conditions. We cling to these things; we don’t want them to change. Covid 19 has forced us to look at things in a different light and show us that post Covid perhaps some things need to change.


The video shows the phenomenal might of nature through the Aurora Borealis and the agility and skill of human endeavour through the medium of dance and the two “Phänomen” must align and learn to live together and accept that both are temporary, and both are an illusion at a point in time

The track itself was an improvised piece on piano and mellotron based around an evolving chord pattern with various notes triggering off the main chord structure in a random kind of way. It was a question of doing multiple takes and performances of the piano parts and then piecing together a structure that made sense to add the mellotron to. It has a kind of Germanic concerto feel to it which seemed to suit the title and the drama of the music.

Premiere on YouTube on 18:09:20

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