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" I think that this is the most personal album Paul K has produced and also, in many ways, the most accessible. I enjoyed it from start to finish but, a good dozen listens in, I am still finding hidden depths and elements within it.

Very strongly recommended. 5 Stars "

Andy Snipper, Music News Aug 2022

Paul K

Welcome to the Paul K Official Website


Paul Kirkpatrick, a.k.a Paul K, is a British composer, producer, musician and songwriter. His new album "The Space Between" will be released across all digital platforms on 21st Oct 2022. This is Paul's sixth studio album which he has written and recorded over the last two years . The album explores themes around the search for meaning, the human condition, the advance of AI and the mysteries of the universe explored through modern atmospheric electronica, dream pop and electronic rock


Remember love

Remember to learn

Remember to laugh

Remember to sleep

Remember their names

Remember joy

Remember pain

Remember hate 

Remember to share

Remember sorrow